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We provide tailored Strategy.




Capable and adaptable, our ability to develop thoughtful strategies specific to your needs and circumstances enables us to foresee and guard against impediments while progressing forward. As we develop a shared goal with our clients, we tailor a strategy towards your success.


Experience and a proven track record have informed the refinement of our planning process which translates into closed deals and satisfied customers. We conduct a careful analysis of a client’s as-is process, identify areas for improvement and make best practice recommendations so that our clients benefit from the efficiencies of a streamlined process.


We specialize in taking the time to understand the uniqueness of our clients’ needs and market demands to successfully manage project deliverables and client expectations. Our management experience equips us with the ability to oversee projects and complex transactions across various industries such as healthcare, real estate and entertainment.


Our expertise in relationship management and understanding the process and needs of our customers, allows us to facilitate the conversations and negations necessary at key decision points in a process. More than the movement of legal paperwork, we audit and provide guidance to ensure that documentation remains within compliance.



Effectively Managing Client Expectations.


MAD Konnect LLC serves the demands of its clients, emphasizing the innate need for integrity and transparency. Our team understands the important role of a reliable and capable partner to fortify relationships and deliver results on time.


Our ability to successfully manage projects and processes builds a true sense of assurance and security for our clients. We firmly believe that by strengthening processes and empowering people, our strategy leads to strengthened systems and communities.


We are at the intersection of where supply and demand connect, facilitating the movement of conversations, negotiations and documentations towards the goals and needs of our clients. Our efficient and accurate process has delivered proven results for clients globally.


Our organization applies a customer-centric approach, always striving to represent clients with integrity and fairness. We understand how to manage expectations, predict and solution for impediments, while always progressing forward.


Our team would be honored to facilitate your needs. 




We are at the intersection of where supply and demand connect, facilitating the movement of PPE into the hands of organizations and communities that need it most. Our efficient and accurate process has delivered proven results for clients globally. 

We ensure that the future healthcare is in your hands.



MAD Konnect LLC was established as a management company that provides negotiation expertise, operational guidance, and project management acumen to a global clientele.  Our collective expertise of a CDC Fellow, 30+ years of federal civilian project and program management experience, and business development in healthcare has deepened our industry knowledge to foster success across partnering companies and organizations.


Our understanding of the value of a strong partnership has enabled us to create a wide network of trusted resources which we can leverage as needed to craft a strategy plan, centered around the uniqueness of our clients’ needs, and deliver on our promise of quality service every time.

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